Will India ever qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

The Indian national football team used to be among the top in Asia. Today countries like Japan and Korea enjoy the spotlight, while India plays in the shadows. I asked ardent Indian football fans, followers, journalists and players on Twitter:

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  1. Do you think India will ever qualify for the World Cup? A straightforward 'yes' is difficult to give: 
  2. Hope is offered with the prospect of hosting the under-17 World Cup tournament in 2017 -- but FIFA is yet to reach a decision on this:
  3. Some believe the obstacles are unsurmountable:
  4. Some believe that problems beyond the sport itself need to be solved first:
  5. Unexpectedly, the Indian national women's team has a higher FIFA World ranking (51) than the men's team (143). Juhi Shah - footballer on the women's team, referee and coach - feels the women will get there before the men. And some agree:
  6. Although the recent, renewed efforts of the AIFF - All India Football Federation, which governs the sport in India - are applauded, are they enough?