Support your Candidate with Plastic Yard Signs

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  1. Have you ever given a thought to why elected candidates and officials spend so much time in updating their social media profiles? Their audience connect via late-night talk shows and public gatherings surely intrigue you to know why they spend so much time, effort and money in such activities, that have little or nothing to do with making laws. The answer to this simple and clear. They do all this to create awareness about themselves in peoples' minds. Political scientist David Mayhew once said, for politicians:

    “To be perceived at all is to be perceived favorably.” Thus, the principle task for every political candidate is making prospective voters familiar with his or her name.

    Candidates use a wide range of techniques to spread awareness of their vision and ideas. Some candidates prefer going live on TV and radio, while some choose to take the help of print media. Social media is also a great platform to furnish desired awareness efficiently. But all these methods require a great amount of money as well as time. If you want to send your messages across to a large target audience without spending a large fortune, you should consider using cheap bag signs. Unlike other methods of campaigning, bag signs do not require huge investment. Campaigning with the help of such bag signs, offers an easier yet impressionable way to the supporters to get connected with their favorite candidates. Political scientists Todd Makse and Anand Sokhey argue,
    “Yard signs constitute an important and symbolic aspect of what we might call an ordinary individual’s total campaign.”

    Moreover, signs can also provide campaign volunteers a way to show their neighbors and friends the candidate they are going to vote. In a way, signs can function as a symbol of the volunteers’ hours of hard work for the campaign.

    Local election and power of visibility:

    Ironically, campaign signs are used, when they are least fruitful. In presidential elections, they are less helpful as the race for president is clear visible to the public eyes. So, everyone who is going to vote has relatively defined opinion about the candidates involved. As behavioral psychologist Mark Sibicky notes in a recent interview, “Signs do little to change anyone’s mind that is already made up.” At the same time, signs can have an important effect on elections where candidates are relatively unknown. The elections that can be benefited by cheap plastic yard signs are municipal offices, sheriff, city council, school board, mayor, and judgeships. In such election, signs add invaluable name recognition.

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