Are Political Campaign Corrugated Plastic Signs a Right Option for Publicity?


  1. This article will examine the point whether campaign signs are helpful or not in getting votes for a political candidate. Also, it provides the benefits of yards signs if they are used properly.

    “The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.” -Adlai E. Stevenson

    The above-mentioned quote clearly establishes the importance of political campaigning. And it is helpful in many ways. Some political leaders use yard signs to send their messages across. Supporters, campaign staff, volunteers, and candidates have strong feeling about yard signs. Some people think that yards signs work and some people think that they don’t work. However, political scientists have found that yard signs do increase name recognition.

    Do they work?

    Wichita State University political scientist Mel Kahn says political yard signs can help candidates. He said in an interview,
    "They don't actually produce voting a certain way. What they do is enable the first element to be reached, of getting candidates known. And they particularly work if they're strategically placed, so that there are many that are together, so you get a bam, bam approach."
    He further explained the quality of a good yard sign,
    “What makes a good sign is uniqueness. For example, research has shown that capital letters do not have a good impact, unless it's the initial letter of a word. Italics are much more effective. Also, if the sign is not too crowded; too many candidates put too much on the sign. The main thing is to get their last name out there very large."

    Most candidates need to improve their recognitions in any kind of election and yards are one way to do it. Moreover, they are an effective way to bring familiarity with your name if they are installed along busy streets and at prominent locations. Political signs are an effective way to reach voters and reinforce the loyalty of your supporters with the help of exciting campaign signs. Political campaign yard signs made of corrugated plastic are the preferred choice of most of the leaders, as they can withstand bad weather conditions easily.

    Political yard signs can efficiently characterize the candidate. Depending on your local political climate, you may require the number of yard signs to be installed in your locality. It is necessary to note that some political signs are meant to be last longer and are placed in a more secure position. Others are temporary and meant to last only for a few days. This aspect of yard signs needs to be taken into consideration when you are going to order yard signs for your campaign.

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