Ricky Gervais rides again at Golden Globes

The British comic will host his third Globes ceremony in January, despite his reputation for raising hackles among the Hollywood elite. Are NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. wise to bring him back?


  1. At the 2011 telecast, Gervais started by making fun of Charlie Sheen, then went after Cher, Scientologists, "The Tourist" and other assorted targets. Johnny Depp, for one, did not look terribly amused.
  2. Ricky Gervais at the 2011 Golden Globes
  3. This led to a predictable backlash. Robert Downey Jr., one of Gervais' targets, called the host "mean-spirited." 
  4. David Letterman was among those who leaped to Gervais' defense. 
  5. David Letterman - Ricky Gervais and The Golden Globes
  6. And Gervais critics will note that at least he didn't make a Holocaust joke, as he did at the 2009 Globes.
  7. Ricky Gervais told Kate Winslet to do a Holocaust-movie!
  8. On Twitter, the reaction to Gervais' return was overwhelmingly positive. 
  9. More than one commenter remarked on the irony that the HFPA stuck with Gervais just days after the Motion Picutre Academy played it safe by returning to Billy Crystal to host the Oscars.