Journalism professors' use of emerging online tools

Crowdsourcing quotes from journalism professors for a post on PBS MediaShift about their use of new online tools in the classroom.

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  1. I then posted a series of @replies to groups of journalism professors to get their attention.
  2. This is close to spam, but I think it worked because it was clearly relevant to their work. In addition to making them aware of the question, it made them aware of each other. (If you were looking for other j-profs to follow, this list is a good place to start.)
  3. A direct message led to an email conversation with @kegill. She clarified her use of was to collect information from students and not specifically related to a class assignment.

    She also mentioned a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to use Storify and during last fall's election. She said at the time they didn't allow collaboration. After checking, I verified that now allows multiple authors to contribute to the same bundle. Storify allows users to give access to each other's accounts, but not limited to individual projects.