Female composers and the "New Complexity"

New music has a gender problem. Everyone knows this. But are some styles or aesthetics more gender-biased than others?


  1. Yesterday I was working on a book chapter and, not for the first time, felt that my section on post-Ferneyhough(ish) composition was a bit, well, male. In search of inspiration and some possible leads to follow up, I thought I'd turn to Wikipedia first.
  2. It wasn't much help.
  3. Which led me to ask the following question:
  4. The resulting thread involved several cross-cutting conversations. In this Storify I've not presented them in strict chronology, but tried to reorder them to tease out the different threads.
  5. J. Austin Wulliman (@jaustinw) was first to respond:
  6. And no, I couldn't. Liza Lim and Chaya Czernowin are the two names a journalist would usually turn to, but for me, and for reasons outlined below, their music isn't really what I had in mind.
  7. Warren Enström (@sbassoon) made the point that maybe this wasn't just about NC or its historians, but about Wikipedia itself:
  8. Philipp Blume also pointed to the limitations of Wikipedia itself.
  9. Inevitably, the definition of "New Complexity" being used in this context also needs clarifying.