Photos: Duluth dries out after record flooding

Heavy rain caused major flooding in Duluth, Minn. and up the North Shore of Lake Superior. Sinkholes swallowed cars as Duluth's stormwater system failed under the pressure of a flood not seen in over a century. The city is drying out, assessing damage and seeking a way forward.


  1. Two days after the flood, photographers from Duluth joined Minnesota Today to discuss their experience covering the flood, share stories from the last 48 hours and look ahead to the challenges  the city will face.
  2. Photo chat: Eyes of the Duluth flood
  3. The nine photos below are discussed in the chat.
  4. Several cars were submerged in water at the intersection of Maple Grove Road and Mall Drive in Duluth on Wednesday. Many cars sat in the waters abandoned throughout the day, according to John Goodge. (Photo courtesy: Amanda Hansmeyer)
  5. Duluth residents looking for a good time headed down to the flooded intersection on Maple Grove Road and Mall Drive. After the threat of the flood subsided, the intersection took on a party atmosphere with people wading in water, kayaking and one group even heading into the waters with a motorboat. (Photo courtesy: Amanda Hansmeyer)
  6. Two girls play in the water flooded street on 59th Avenue West in Duluth. Photographer Amanda Hansmeyer said she was drawn to this scene because the girls were playing and engaging with the water, a contrast to other photos she shot throughout the day of people observing the flooding and damages from a distance. (Photo courtesy: Amanda Hansmeyer)
  7. Duluth's Cody Inn sustained heavy damage from the flood. Guests of the hotel were evacuated from the motel early Wednesday morning. (Photo courtesy: Amanda Hansmeyer)
  8. A young girl photographs a gaping sinkhole near her home in Duluth. (Photo courtesy: Amanda Hansmeyer)
  9. Streets like this one near the top of Vermilion Road in eastern Duluth experienced total wreckage after Wednesday's flood. (Photo courtesy: John Goodge)
  10. Floodwater eroded Duluth roads causing sinkholes throughout the city, causing some streets to be impassable. (Photo courtesy: John Goodge)
  11. Many Duluth photographers captured scenes of the footbridge in Cogdon Park getting pummeled with water from Tischer Creek. "Normally this walk bridge is several meters over the water," Duluth resident John Goodge said. (Photo courtesy: John Goodge)
  12. Tischer creek overflowed Wednesday sending raging waters through the 4th St. bridge. (Photo courtesy: Mickey Pearson)
  13. Road to recovery

  14. A parade of politicians made their way through Duluth with promises to petition the federal government with requests for aid. Duluth Mayor Don Ness estimates the city will need $50-80 million to repair flood damage.