5G Outlook Series Part III: The Myths & Mysteries of 5G

Learn what happened during MMTC's Lunch and Learn discussion about the myths and mysteries of 5G that was held on October 12, 2017. Visit mmtconline.org to learn more about MMTC. Follow @mmtconline on Instagram and Twitter. Like Facebook.com/mmtconline.


  1. Meet the Panel: Danielle Pineres of NCTA, Rikin Thakker and Kim Keenan of MMTC, Elizabeth Rojas Levi of NOKIA, and Colleen King of Charter Communications.
  2. MMTC President and CEO Kim Keenan's opening remarks kicked off the Lunch and Learn discussion. Watch video of Keenan's remarks.
  3. Here are resources to help you understand 5G.
  4. MMTC Vice President Rikin Thakker's presentation about the myths of 5G laid the foundation for the Lunch and Learn discussion.