This week at Donalda School ... October 2-6

Quality Education in a Caring Environment


  1. Greetings Donalda School community,
  2. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. There is a PD day on Friday and Monday, October 9 is Thanksgiving, so students get an extra long weekend. On Friday, the teaching staff will be travelling to Big Valley School to take a look at the new literacy materials that were purchased. It is really exciting to get our hands on these high quality resources and start using them in our classroom.
  3. Communication between school and home is an important link for student success. Last year, Mrs. Andersson began using a program called Seesaw which gives students and teachers an easy way to share what is going on in the classroom with parents. I personally enjoyed following my daughter's progress through this program. It also gives parents the opportunity to comment on their child's work. This year, most teachers at the school are using it in their classrooms. I encourage you to take the time to set it up. If you need help setting it up, please contact the homeroom teacher of your child.
  4. During the past week, we have been working on our safety protocols. In order to ensure that all students are comfortable with evacuations, we ran two fire drills last week. Our playschool and Kindergarten students handled these situations very well. This week, we will be trying out the School Messenger systems which allows us to contact parents quickly in the case of an emergency.
  5. Picture day is on October 5.
  6. On the sports front, Donalda Eagles volleyball players are off to Stettler on Wednesday. The cross country running season wraps up on Thursday as the grade 3/4 students are off to Camrose to compete. This race has challenging terrain and the runners are excited to see how they do.
  7. Dental consents for the K/1/2 students are due on Tuesday.
  8. Please bring your awards plaques to the office.
  9. Please check out the October calendar or the Donalda School website for all the happenings around the school.
  10. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving! Mark Siemens