This week at Donalda School ... November 13 - 17

Quality Education in a Caring Environment


  1. Greetings,
  2. We are focusing on the theme of citizenship this month at Donalda School. As parents, we spend time thinking about the values that we want to instil in our children and plan activities to help foster these values. On a school level, we attempt to do the same thing with the hope that we can help spark generous and caring citizens in our communities. I was incredibly proud of our students this week as they demonstrated incredible generosity and assembled 180 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. From the letters written by the students, it was obvious that they were inspired by love and generosity. A big thanks to ladies of Sharon Lutheran Church for leading this activity!
  3. On the theme of citizenship, the Royal Canadian Legion and Donalda School hosted a Remembrance Day Service on Tuesday. Students spent time considering the selflessness of the soldiers who fought to preserve our freedom. Guy Neitz, Donalda School Trustee, shared a heartfelt message about family and friends who have served and are serving in the military. Mr. Seale and the Grade 7/8/9 students did an excellent job of teaching us about World War I and especially the importance of Vimy Ridge in shaping Canadian thought.
  4. On Saturday, Donald School students attended the Camrose Kodiaks as a reward for the "Read-in" Week literacy challenge. It seemed obvious to me that the students had a great night.
  5. Mom's Pantry orders are due on Thursday. The money raised in these fundraisers helps us run some of the extras at Donalda School, such as field trips and sporting activities and it allows us to charge minimal fees.
  6. The Donalda Eagles girls volleyball team is competing in CWAJHAA this weekend in Caroline, AB. Good luck girls!
  7. Grade 7/8/9 students are attending the musical Hunchback of Notre Dame at Bashaw on Thursday evening. Bashaw Community Theatre always does an excellent job and this year I am excited to see Mrs. Andersson perform.
  8. Check out the poster to see the special guest auctioneer for the Grade 1 and 2 PBL Art Auction Gala.
  9. As a cost savings move, Donalda School cut the fax line and kept both phone lines. If you need to contact the school, you can call 403 883 2280 or 403 883 2195, The 2280 has an answering machine on the line if no one picks up the call. Since we no longer have a fax line, we had to move our emergency / alarm systems to the 2195 number. After 6 rings and if no one picks up the call, you will hear the emergency information system recording.
  10. Here are some pictures from the classrooms this week: