This week at Donalda School ... June 5 -9

Quality Education in a Caring Environment


  1. I think that we can all agree that the Rock Around the 50s performance was so much fun. The Grade 1-6 students put on a great show and I know that they thoroughly enjoyed performing for two unbelievable crowds. A big thanks to Mrs. Andersson for all the work that she put in.
  2. On Thursday, Grade 3-6 students will be travelling to Botha to play soccer against Brownfield and Botha for the BODO cup. Please see the link below for all the information.
  3. Over the weekend, Donalda students have had their art displayed at the Donalda Art Gallery. Monday is the last day to view their artwork in the gallery. Students will be visiting the Art Gallery tomorrow during the school day. If you are interested in checking it out, Kasheen will be available to tour the public through from 10 am - 5 pm on Monday. You can find her at the Art Gallery or the Donalda Museum.
  4. Grade 5-9 students are leaving Monday after school for their yearend camping trip. This year they are camping one night at Deer Valley Meadows, near Alix. Students will have a chance to participate in activities such as ziplining, wall climbing, and archery. It should be fun!
  5. School Council Meeting will be on Thursday starting at 3:15 pm.
  6. We have been busy organizing classes for next year. I am very excited about the programming that we will be offering next year, especially for the Grade 7/8/9 students. From February to June, grade 7/8/9 students will have the chance to take a cooking class with Teresa Kneeland on Tuesday mornings for 80 minutes. We have applied for some nutrition grants from the Alberta Government and we are hoping that students will be using this time to cook healthy meals for the rest of the students at the school. Below, I have attached the tentative class schedules for each of the homeroom classes along with a year calendar. Please be aware that these schedules can change.
  7. I hope that you have a great week! Mark Siemens