This week at Donalda School ... June 19 - 23

Quality Education in a Caring Environment


  1. Greetings Donalda Community,
  2. We have less than two weeks in the 2016/2017 school year and I know that students (and maybe staff:) are starting to get excited about the summer holidays that are quickly approaching.
  3. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents and students to set aside time for literacy this summer. Teachers often see a slide in reading skills over the summer, if students are not actively reading during this time. In some cases, it can take as long as two or three months in the fall to get back to their pre-summer reading level. We just finished the STAR reading assessment with all students this past week and we would like to challenge all students to read everyday and improve their reading skills this summer.
  4. To encourage our students to keep reading over the break, Donalda School is running a Summer Literacy Contest. Instead of logging reading minutes this summer, take pictures or videos of your child reading or writing during your vacation time and either post them to Twitter with the #donsch hashtag, or email them to Mrs. Andersson or myself. We will post them all to Twitter as they arrive, and we will be drawing names of students who participate for prizes. The more pictures you send, the more times your name is in the draw! We will also award prizes to the students with the MOST UNIQUE or UNUSUAL literacy picture. Get creative and pack books with you wherever you go! Contest Starts July 1st and ends September 4th.
  5. Donalda Public Library is also running a summer reading program this summer. It will be on the following dates: July 4,5, 18, and 19th and Aug. 1,2, 15, and 16th. Please talk to Naomi for more information.
  6. We had a great week of track and field. Our junior high students had a great day on Monday and we had some incredible results posted by our athletes. The K-3 students had to endure a much less pleasant outing on Wednesday as they had to deal with rain. The reports that I received from students and staff was that the students had a great time despite the poor weather. On Thursday, the grade 4-6 students had a perfect day for track.
  7. I hope everyone has a great second last week of school and good luck to the Grade 6 students on their PAT exams.
  8. Mark Siemens