A Taste of Something...Different

While scrolling along on Buzzfeed, an extremely effective procrastination website, I ran across a few interesting posts. They were all about...food tattoos? Take a look.

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  1. Pop Tarts, vegan dedication, avocado love...there are some doozies on there. But, to my surprise, multiple posts like this exist. With different tattoos (I was kind of hoping they were the same pics by different creators). But alas, the food-loving ink continues.
  2. I for one am a little terrified of the idea of getting a tattoo in general (needle-phobia, yo). But if I were to ever get one, I'd like to think it'd be super meaningful.

    Now there's always the chance these have some deep meaning that I don't understand, but I can't imagine tattooing a skillet of eggs and bacon on myself. I mean, I like food and all, but...

    A funny thought popped into my head, though. So I'm going to ask. If you had to get a food tattoo (preferably Auburn-themed), what would you pick?

    Maybe a cold glass of Toomer's lemonade on the shoulder? Or how about a batch of Momma G's nachos on the forearm? 

    Be creative! Follow this link to go back to my blog to comment your pick.