Tapping the Twitter Archive: Tweetstones


  1. Twitter recently opened up the ability for every user to download and access his or her Twitter archive going all the way back to their first tweet. I highly recommend taking the time to do an retrospective on your or your brands' accounts.  Looking back over my archive, it was interesting to see how I developed my use of Twitter from an introspective anger machine to being part of a community.
  2. I had an account for reading long before I used it to send tweets. The first was actually a pretty good indicator of future tweets. 
  3. A lot of my earliest tweets were extremely random and useless - like a lot of current Twitter usage, some might say. Lots of talk about food, TV and generally how angry I was about certain aspects of my work life. It was clearly a dark time for me (surprisingly so) - and clearly before I decided to make the rule that I won't use the F-word on social media. 
  4. Eventually, I got around to doing some interaction. Here's my first reply, to my friend Grace. 
  5. The first time I tweeted from an event with a hashtag, the lightbulbs really went off for me. It was the first ROFLCon at MIT - a perfect early adopter crowd for a Twitter discovery. I met a lot of people via Twitter using #ROFLCon - and it changed the way I used the tool from there on out. 
  6. But it was also interesting to see the milestones of my life in those years coming together via social media. 
  7. (OK, so it isn't really a milestone, but I thought it was funny)
  8. I won't subject you to more laughs, tears and cringes of my personal Twitter archive, but I encourage you to search yours. 

    What was your first tweet?