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AtClick4warranty we are able to offer the most complete and most popular auto guarantees in the country at the lowest possible costs to you.

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  1. AtClick4warranty we are able to offer the most complete and most popular auto guarantees in the country at the lowest possible costs to you.

    It doesn’t matter how long you've owned your existing automobile, and even if it's never had a car warranty immediate we can provide cover for you beginning today. You pick where you have your automobile repaired as long as it’s a VAT registered garage.

    Our Premium cover reimburses all Electrical and Mechanical components of the vehicle that were manufacturers first fitments, say goodbye to costly repair bills and have satisfaction.

    We provide clear see-through policies and car guarantee programmes designed for your own individual requirements. There are over 1800 dealership/ garage networks as the motor trade business is extremely unique that sell the Select andPremium car guarantee, which we feel is a terrific vote of confidence.

    Allow insurance products are entirely underwritten by Insurance Ltd, a world wide insurance group of important scale with over £ 10 billion turnover and 20million customers.

    Click4warranty is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority number 551622.

  2. Used Car Guarantees UK

    Click4warranty is among the most complete vehicle warranties in the marketplace today.Additionally it is one of the best-selling used car guarantees in the nation due to its complete cover and high acceptance rate of claims, which represent excellent value for money, whether you've a fresh car or a used car.

    Why select the Premium car warranty:

    · Thecompensation of mechanical and electric components of the vehicle that weremakers’ initial fitments
    · Parts,labor and VAT
    · NationalRepair Network
    · 3month to 3 year choices
    · All-Inclusiveparts cover
    · Clear-cutclaims procedure
    · Recovery*
    · Quickpayments, claims
    · Transferableclick4warranty policy*
    For amore detailed description of the parts covered under Click4warranty guaranteeplease see below.

    Electricalor mechanical Fuel Pumps, Tank Sender Unit, Throttle Body, Airflow Meter, IdleControl Valve, Injectors, Oxygen Sensor, Map Sensor.
    StarterMotor, Alternator, Electric Window Motors and Switches, Sunroof Motor andSwitch, Front, Central Locking Motors and Rear Windscreen Wipers and Washer Motors,Multi-function Stalk Switch, Ignition Coils, Horn.
    DriveShafts, Differential, Constant Velocity Joints, Couplings and Universal Joints,Suspension, Haft Shafts, Manual Gearbox, Automatic Gearbox, Torque Convertor.
    WaterPump, Engine Cooling Fan, Thermostat and Thermostat Housing Radiator, EngineOil Cooler and Heater Matrix.
    SteeringRack, Steering Box, PAS Pump.
    WheelBearings, Coil Springs, Swivel Joints, Ball and Lower and Upper Wishbones, *
    Frontand Rear Brakes
    BrakeMaster Cylinder Restrictor Valve, Servo, Anti Locking Brake System- Wheel SpeedSensors, ABS, ABS Modulator.
    AddedParts (Factory Fitted Only)
    AirConditioning, Turbo Charger, In Car Entertainment System CD Player/Stereo, IDrive, Sat Nav. * Please see your car click4warranty booklet for full terms and conditions.

    What is an used car warranty?

    Whether you buy an used car warranty depends on the type of person you're. Are you really prepared to gamble and hope that nothing will FAIL with an used car? Are you going to save a little amount of money monthly to build up a fund for fixing and running your car? Or would you would rather play it safe? Then you should think about taking out a used car guarantee, if the answer is play it safe. That is essentially an insurance policy against the price of components and labor following any mechanical or electrical failure.

    Do I want a used car warranty?

    Warranty Direct publishes a usefulReliability Index of autos that are common that it insures.

    Sothe question is, would you like to gamble? If you know that your make and model of automobile doesn’t generally suffer from faults and have confirmed that it'sa full service history, then the chances are fair that it may not go.

    Should it, nonetheless, you’ll have to take the price of getting it repaired on thechin. Motorists who don’t fancy being hit with an unexpected, and potentially very ample, expense must give serious thought to taking out an used car guarantee.