Tweets from ASU IHO Human Uniqueness Workshop (10/02/2015)

ASU's Institute of Human Origins hosted its first workshop today on the Evolution of Human Uniqueness, featuring presentations from affiliated faculty. Below a summary of live tweets from the event. Prepare to geek out on human evolution!


  1. Important abbreviations: AMH = anatomically modern humans, LH = life history, mya = millions of years ago, LCA = last common ancestor
  2. Caveat: Since all tweets are my own I apologize in advance for any mistakes or errors!
  3. Here I forgot to include a tweet for D Braun's great talk on the complexities of stone tool assemblages from 2.8 mya sediments in the Lower Awash. But to make up for it, here is Ann Gibbon's coverage in Science on the Ledi-Geraru finds!
  4. Just for funsies, here is C Marean's popular science article on this topic in Scientific American
  5. Here I got distracted and missed out on R Boyd's excellent discussion of his recent work with M Derex studying complex cultural innovations in group context. Nature Communications article available below!