What to expect when you dab with a concentrate rig


  1. Most people who have never been around dabbers before get a little confused at the whole thing. The truth is that concentrate rigs, wax and oil are all pretty simple once you understand them. So don't be put off my not knowing, because learning can be fun! Sure, I may sound a little nerdy, but stick around a read on as it will help clear up a bit of the complications that surround dabbing and concentrate rigs.

    So before you do a 'dab' you will need the ingredients and equipment. So of course the ingredients would be the wax or oil that you will use, depending on where you live there will be different ways to get hold of it. So this could be tricky for some yet super simple for others, all depends on where you are located. Now what is pretty straight forwards is the equipment side, you will need a few easy things that can all be found online by logging onto a head shop. You will need a concentrate rig, these should always come with a glass/aluminum nail and a dome to cover them. It is very unlikely that it will not come with these things as the head shop I always use (HerbTools.co.uk for bongs) always include them as a package deal. The prices range greatly, but the cheap concentrate rigs will do you just fine. Apart from that you will need what is known as a jet or torch lighter. These are windproof lighters that shoot a blue jet of gas which burns extremely hot, so you should be careful with them. That is all! So if you shop in the right place you can get all of the glassware you need for as little as £40 + £10-20 for the lighter. Oh, and you should get a dabber.

    Now that you have all of your stuff ready, your face is probably showing signs of an eager human! All you have to do is apply the jet lighter onto the nail head and heat it until it turns red, you should already have your dabber (an object that you stick your wax/oil to the end of, make sure it is heatproof) ready with a little bit of that oil stuck on the end. Once your nail turns red hot you simply 'dab' by pushing the dabber (oil side!) onto the hot plate and watch that smoke just explode!
  2. Dabbing can be an expensive hobby, I myself would never advise you to dab something illegal such as marijuana concentrate. You should always check your local laws and remember that concentrated forms of anything could be dangerous. You can find more on dabbings rigs at concentrate-rigs.com/. Not all types of dabs are made from illegal substances.  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Drug+Enforcement+Agency