'Gay Bobbies' Million Dollar Kiss

Banksy's piece is expected to sell for over $1.6 million in an upcoming New York auction.


  1. Banksy has had his fair share of media attention throughout the years. Whether it's his secret placement of artwork in a museum or his questionable documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, his antics have become more famous than some of his pieces themselves.
  2. This time, however, one of Banksy's most controversial works, 'Gay Bobbies,' is garnering all the attention.The now iconic piece of work found outside of Prince Albert pub in Brighton, England is being auctioned off and is expected to earn the pub owner up to $1.6 million.

    The piece, done in 2004, features two policeman locked in an embrace and passionately kissing. It has become a hot spot for fans of the graffiti artist and a regular stop on the tourist trail.
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  4. After repeated attacks on the artwork left it severely damaged, the pub
    owner has decided to sell the original through a New York gallery.

    Patrons and fans of Banksy's work, however, are not pleased with the decision.