#SXSW 2012: Data-driven Journalism Unconference

SXSW will bring many amazing people to Austin. This unconference aims to create new connections and new ideas for everyone interested in data journalism, data visualization, open data and other disciplines.

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  2. Key info: Time & Place

  3. Date: Sunday, March 11th, 3-5 pm
    Location: Offices of Texas Tribune, 823 Congress Ave, Suite 210, Austin, TX 78701
    (there will be signs leading you to the meeting room in that building)
    Important: Space is limited to max. 60 attendees, due to room space
    Organized by: NPR, Texas Tribune, Deutsche Welle Innovation Projects
    Free event

    Thanks everyone for inquiries, support, tweets - as of Friday we are expecting a cool group of people, really looking forward to this!
    • Attending: Texas Tribune, Buzzdata, Infochimps, NPR, Stanford U, Visualizing Economics, Deutsche Welle,.... (see more below)
    • Once the conference has started we will switch to another hashtag on twitter = #ddjsxsw
  4. Here is the link to the description of the event. Please have a brief look and if you want to join us leave some information on the list of attendees. Space is limited to 60 people max (we are doing this in the conference room of the Texas Tribune). 
  5. List of attendees, direct link below - please register, SXSW often results in packed rooms...
  6. Map: How to get there (from Convention Centre)

  7. Tweets about and from the #ddjsxsw unconference

  8. What do we mean by data-driven journalism?

  9. This event is organized by Texas Tribune, NPR and Deutsche Welle Innovation Projects.  
  10. Recent articles on the state of data-driven journalism: 

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