Sales 2.0 Conference Daily Flash

A recap of all the Speakers, Presentations, Tweets, Photos, Vendors and Attendees from Day 1 of the Sales 2.0 Conference, March 7, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. If you have photos, stories and other interesting information from the convention, send them to or tweet them with #s20c for inclusion in tomorrow's wrap-up edition


  1. March 2011 Sales 2.0 Conference opened for business at 7:00 am PST with registration, a hot breakfast and plenty of networking to start the day off.  Attendance at the convention was announced at 565.

    If you are attending and have an iPhone or Android phone, you need to download the "Conventionist" app listed below in the tweet.  It will eliminate carrying around your schedule!
  2. Wireless access code for all conference areas will be: brooksgroup_s2c 
  3. Selling in a Sales 2.0 World - Conference Kickoff
    We live in an interconnected world. Sales processes are
    increasingly moving online and intersecting with the rapidly evolving
    social-media space. To stay competitive, sales leaders have little choice but
    to accelerate the selection and adoption of Sales 2.0 innovations. With a
    dizzying array of Sales 2.0 tools, the alignment between people, process, and
    technology becomes increasingly challenging. Many sales organizations are still
    flying blind, facing the huge risk of becoming a victim of change. In his keynote,
    the CEO and Founder ofSelling Power magazine will review key trends and
    share a blueprint for achieving improved operational efficiency while
    delivering a better experience to customers.
    Speaker: Gerhard
    Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
  4. Why the Future of Sales Is Now: How to Achieve the
    Perfect Pipeline

    Sales organizations worldwide are in a transformative
    state. As sales managers struggle to adapt to the new communication landscape,
    there is a sense that the old rules of selling no longer apply. Bluewolf
    Cofounder Eric Berridge will explore how his company leverages today's
    technology to retain a leading sales edge amidst the ever-changing demands of
    today's market. Eric will discuss best practices for moving deals up the
    pipeline – particularly those that hover in the critical middle (30-70%) zone –
    and how technologies that we all use today, such as mobile devices, can be used
    to optimize this process.
    Speaker: Eric
    Berridge, Cofounder, Bluewolf