Sales 2.0 Conference Daily Flash-Day 2

A recap of all the Speakers, Presentations, Tweets, Photos, Vendors and Attendees from Day 2 of the Sales 2.0 Conference, March 8, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco.


  1. Putting the Fan on the Field: A New Approach to Winning
    Over Your Customers

    Over the past several decades, athletic franchises have
    successfully transformed spectator sports into mega-experiences that put the
    fan at the center of the action. In doing so, they've grown their audience base
    and discovered new and extremely lucrative sources of revenue. Now savvy
    companies are taking a page out of the play book of America's most successful
    sports teams. Their effort to put the "fan on the field" represents a
    new and more sophisticated approach to customer interaction. And the results
    speak for themselves: heightened levels of customer loyalty, a stronger
    presence across social networks, faster growth, and an ability to capitalize on
    progressively larger opportunities. Join Justin Shriber, Oracle CRM Vice
    President, as he rolls footage of today's winning companies and provides color
    commentary on the teams they are building and the plays they are running to
    take their game to the next level.
    Speaker: Justin
    Shriber, Regional Vice President, CRM On Demand, Oracle
  2. The Power of Virtual Selling: The Art of Presenting

    Online meetings have become an integral piece of most
    sales and marketing processes. From the one-on-one demo with a client to a
    Webinar attended by a few hundred of your closest prospects, the "digital
    sale" is something every sales and marketing leader needs to address with
    the team. The key challenge is how to keep audience members engaged and
    interested. Tom Drews is an expert in digital interactions and has presented
    for companies including Google, Symantec, Wikipedia, CLIF Bar, and Cisco. In
    his entertaining and informative presentation, Tom will discuss ways you can
    gain measurable and impressive growth in your team's ability to present
    effectively and confidently in the virtual environment using WebEx,
    GoToMeeting, or any comparable tool. You will learn THE number one, most
    important strategy for presenting online; the five biggest mistakes people
    make; and 10 of the best practices for engaging your audience when selling and
    presenting with Webinars and virtual meetings.
    Speaker: Tom
    Drews, CEO, What Works! Communications