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Social media worst practices: Capitalizing on a storm, the @dotjenna story.

Inspired by @Rizzotees' blog post below and after watching the exchanges unfold on my timeline, this was too good (read: terrible) to pass up as a display of how to not conduct yourself on twitter or in general.


  1. Be sure to read Chris' blog post above giving good commentary and analysis as to why this is just awful.

  2. A little #dotjenna bio from her twitter profile — "Ranked 87th (top 1%) Most Influential Person Online for 2010 by Fast Company. Social media coach, speaker, writer. I deliver messages that change lives."

    Note: some exchanges have been altered in the order they happened in real-time for sake of making sense of the numerous conversations. If you go to her actual timeline, you'll find even more that I left out.

    The exchanges speak for themselves. It's a bit lengthy. The tweet causing the uproar starts below: 
  3. This ends Chris' (@Rizzotees) comments, sans some lols, HAHAs, and warnings, on the subject. He is tagged in nearly every tweet below, however.
  4. I'm going to resist going on a tangent about how basing someone's qualifications on their Klout score is bad business.