Vinny Minchillo speaks to DFWIMA

The Dallas / Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association gets a hardball introduction to the world of traditional and political advertising from Glass House Strategy's Vinnie Minchillo.

  1. DFWIMA event on political advertising. (@ The Fairmont Dallas w/ 3 others) L
  2. DFWIMA being schooled by @yovinny on digital political advertising.
  3. US political advertising budget roughly equal to McDonalds, sayeth @yovinny, who equates poli ads to autos. Infrequent decision, zero-sum.
  4. Presidential elections suck oxygen, attention from more impact full, relevant local elections, per @yovinny
  5. Digital ads don't move voters to new candidate- finds volunteers, $; tests messaging, gets out vote says @yovinny
  6. Now @yovinny answers my longstanding question about politician Twitter feeds w/ few followers: Just trying to reach press...
  7. ... Press like Twitter as replacement for press release, as finding story there sounds like original reporting.
  8. BTW, to save poor guy from flood of @ messages, stipulating that all political ad tweets paraphrase @yovinny unless I say other...
  9. Voters don't download candidate apps unless already converted. Tablet will be gamechanger, but not via apps.
  10. Again, web videos, all other big digital, about reaching press and raising money. 5 views ok, if they're the right ones.
  11. Disruption to traditional TV means more political ads on live sports (no DVR).
  12. Re: Pawlenty: "Nothing kills a bad product like good advertising." Image did not match. And proved can build a campaign with web video ads.
  13. Facebook is for candidates to talk to the base and raise $. Twitter is to get press.
  14. Corner visuals work really well for candidates on FB. FB killing display. Cheap, targetable, DIY, escapes clutter. TV / Papers worst eviron.
  15. In search, campaigns chasing news. Catch wave of current events.
  16. Mobile web trumps apps. People don't dl politics apps.
  17. Campaigns not using mobile geotargeting or Twitter monitoring, but should.
  18. SuperPACs will be huge, but only on TV. Fogies who don't get Interwebs. Only understand negative TV ads.
  19. 2012 ad spend to top $5b. Running out of places to run TV. Digital < 3%. Someone will learn how to move numbers digital only, but exception
  20. From the Q&A
  21. Traditional fundraising nets .60/dollar on big donors. Obama/Paul more like .90 on small. But they may not come back over time...
  22. Hard for campaigns to use QR codes because they now have so few print pieces on which to display them.
  23. War between direct mail vendors and digital vendors-- dm is where digital money is coming from.
  24. Again, preceding political ad tweets all paraphrased from @yovinny talk at @dfwima luncheon. Great stuff.