DFW Wordpress Meetup:

Mike Orren on why in 2012 all media is new media

  1. "2012 is the year that all media is new media" here at the Richardson Civic Center for the Jan 21 Wordpress meetup #DFWwp
  2. Meet Mike Orren, speaker at #DFWWP. Showing hysterical news blurb from 83 of future of newspapers via computer.
  3. 2013 will be a good year to own a technology company #dfwwp
  4. 70% of ad impressions that are counted and charged for --- human eyes NEVER see #DFWWP
  5. Facebook ads might become available via other websites in 2012 #DFWWP
  6. #5 The Reascent of Content Marketing Content marketing is nothing new ~ think of "soap" operas #DFWWP
  7. Coke is planing to move toward content marketing via their liquid approach. Consumer stories outnumber their created stories #DFWWP
  8. @ruthdfw: #4 2012 is the DEATH of traditional advertising #DFWWP” Hmmmm...
  9. The FBI got hacked? Oh no...what if hackers actually got something important like Facebook or GMAIL? Mike Orren, #DFWWP #security
  10. Per @mikeorren "Not that i'm for those poorly written bills. You'll forget about SOPA when the hacker wars get started" #dfwwp
  11. content marketing subtle or insidious ~ depends on your point of view #DFWWP
  12. Really great crowd at #DFWWP. Kind and really insightful with the Q&A.
  13. Does technology simply amplify who we really are? Yep we got that deep at #DFWWP
  14. Thanks very much to @mikeorren for an interesting and entertaining preso at today's #DFWWP @Meetup.