References: Reports & comment on @YouGovUS 2014 election tracker for @UpshotNYT / @CBSNews

This is a living list of links regarding the New York Times Upshot / CBS News partnership with YouGov for 2014 pre-election tracking. Appreciate YOUR help updating it!


  1. Links within each section will be in chronological order unless noted otherwise

    Reports by project participants on estimates from and methodology of the study 
         • Press release: CBS News | NY Times 7/25/2014. Only difference I see is NYT version has background on NYT and CBS.
         • NYT Upshot story 7/27/2014
         • YouGov US post on the project 7/27/2014
         • Blog by YouGov UK chief  7/28/2014

    Explanations and commentary on the project by third parties
         • NYT Upshot (Nate Cohn) 7/27/2014
         • Andrew Gelman and David Rothschild commentary on AAPOR statement: Washington Post Monkey Cage blog (headline: "Modern Polling needs innovation, not traditionalism") | Huffington Post (headline: "Modern Polling Requires Both Sampling and Adjustment"). 8/4/2014
         • Reg Baker, chair or co-chair of two AAPOR task force reports on non-probability surveys: AAPOR gets it wrong, 8/5/2014
          • Stephen Ansolabehere and Brian F. Schaffner: Does Survey Mode Still Matter? Findings from a 2010 Multi-Mode Comparison - and via The Monkey Cage, other articles from a mini-symposium in the new issue of Political Analysis (available for free download until approx. 8/13/2014)
         • Gelman on his personal blog with further commentary on Link statement

    AAPOR statement on the project, and commentary
         • AAPOR statement: The Critical Role of Transparency & Standards in Today's World of Polling and Opinion Research. Issued 8/1/2014, by AAPOR President Michael W. Link.
         • Politico (Steven Shepard): CBS, New York Times hit for polling standards. 8/1/2014. This includes a reference to a joint statement by CBS and the NY Times but I cannot find it online.
         • Washington Post - The Fix (Peyton M. Craighill and Scott Clement):  How the polling establishment smacked down the New York Times. 8/4/2014
    Background on YouGov's panel, sample matching and related sampling issues
        •  My reference list of academic writings on sample matching etc.