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Jays vs. Yankees: Then & Now

The Blue Jays and Yankees have a fascinating history together. They've battled for division titles ('85), pulled off blockbuster trades (Clemens for Wells) and signed A.J. Burnett to lucrative, long-term deals. With A.J. & Co. in town Tuesday to take on the Jays at Rogers Centre, it seems like the perfect time to take a look back...


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  3. Quick updates from the ballpark (4:40pmET):
  4. December 9, 1982: Jays GM Pat Gillick steals Fred McGriff, Dave Collins, and Mike Morgan from the New York Yankees in exchange for Tom Dodd and Dale Murray.

  5. The Tao of Stieb: August 2009
    The Tao of Stieb: August 2009
  6. Winfield vs. Seagull, July 1983
    The then Yankees superstar (accidentally?) kills a seagull at Exhibition Stadium and lands in hot water with Toronto police. Sports Illustrated seemed amused by it at the time...
  7. Dave Winfield and the Seagull
  8. October 1985: The Jays clinch their first AL East title by defeating the Yanks and Sports Illustrated is glowing in its praise of the team, and 48-year-old wonder GM, Pat Gillick...

    "They are just too damn consistent. They have held first place alone in the AL East since May 20, and since the All-Star break have never lost more than two in a row. Three threats by the Yanks—one in July, one in August, one in September—were methodically quashed."
  9. March 31, 1989: Jays ship former all-star outfielder Jesse Barfield to the Yankees in exchange for Al Leiter and his blisters.
  10. August 4, 1989: Dave Stieb's near no perfect game. In '88 Stieb lost two no-hitters in the ninth inning and then on this night he took a perfect game into the bottom of the ninth a home against the Yankees and Roberto Kelly...
  11. July 1995: Not exactly Gord Ash's finest hour...