What Facebook's $38 IPO price means to the rest of us

Facebook, the company that Mark Zuckerberg built, has finally come up with its number for its IPO on the Nasdaq. For Silicon Valley worker bees, the fun has just begun. See all the Mercury News' coverage at www.siliconvalley.com/facebook,

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  1. Have you been a little obsessed with the Facebook IPO? Me too. Because I have tons of pre-IPO stock? No silly. It's because this is what Silicon Valley is all about -- changing the world while making more money than any human being could even count in a lifetime .Now the real work starts. Yes, Facebook is cool. Yes, it's worth a big number with a lot of zeros, but how is it going to continue to make enough money to justify its value? 

  2. Somehow I'm thinking life isn't really going to change all that much for the little guy -- the retail investor.  If you read about how these deals are priced (and sold) you'll see that it's all about the big banks. Shocker.
  3. Hey, I left my $104 billion in my other pants. And now the question remains.....
  4. Quick Poll: Will you be in or out on the FBIPO on Friday?
  5. In
  6. Buy Facebook stock tomorrow! IPO at $38 a share. Mark (Z) my words! Three years from now you can look at this pot and kick yourself for laughing at me.
  7. Out.
  8. Must hyped IPO is just IN. Remember the 2008 much hyped Reliance Power IPO and its consequences? . . S&P 500 Falls to Lowest Since January
  9. Still, being a part of history, even in Silicon Valley, just never gets old. Remember Netscape, Webvan, Pets.com? Me neither.
  10. OK, it never gets old being a part of history in Silicon Valley etc., unless you are history.
  11. So, you can't get in on the FB ground floor. It's never too late for the office pool.
  12. Ever wonder how this whole Facebook thing happened? Sure you do. You find a much more entertaining rundown, particularly if you're a Glee fan. Thanks Karl Sonkin.
  13. was impressed with this (short) musical view of Facebook, from You Tube and and shared by Jan Blair who called it "more fun than an IPO"
  14. ZUCKERBERG: The Musical! | cdza