Shoptalk 2017 with zaniness and some work

Shoptalk, the new hot retail trade show and conference, is launching year two this week with 5,300 attendees from 2,200 companies. The show appeared to come out of nowhere last year, but of course nothing comes out of nowhere.


  1. Excited! ✨
#shoptalk17 #nextgen #retail #vegas #shoppingcenter #pacificretail
    Excited! ✨ #shoptalk17 #nextgen #retail #vegas #shoppingcenter #pacificretail
  2. And.... we're off.
  3. Day one of many trade shows are a tad light and Shoptalk 2017 had it's light moments. There were celebrities, aerial groups, people in checked suits balancing on balls and parties.
  4. It's already crazy at #Shoptalk #exhibithall #ecommerce #lasvegas
    It's already crazy at #Shoptalk #exhibithall #ecommerce #lasvegas
  5. There were flying people.
  6. This is how we take photos at @fashionbizshow ! @healeycypher of @oaklabsinc got some serious air on this take. #shoptalk17 #vegas #vegasbaby #podcast #jumping
  7. And, of course, flying bikes. Because, well, flying bikes.
  8. #shoptalk17 #creativeammo #gunsorknives #ariahotel #lasvegas
    #shoptalk17 #creativeammo #gunsorknives #ariahotel #lasvegas
  9. Not to mention, beatboxing, because nothing goes with flying bikes like beatboxing.
  10. @briannesnook this guy has your beat box trumpet skills (37secs) haha. Kickoff of #shoptalk17 #digitalsense
  11. But, OK, there was work, too. Even Lionel Richie was talking business.
  12. Fun way to begin #ShopTalk17 with a session with @lionelrichie. Too bad he was talking about his brand and not singing my favorites.
    Fun way to begin #ShopTalk17 with a session with @lionelrichie. Too bad he was talking about his brand and not singing my favorites.
  13. It's dangerous to draw conclusions from 15 companies, but Sunday's startup contest did shed some light — and some cash — on where retail is going. Three of the competing companies had AI in their descriptions. (You're going to be hearing a lot about AI, or artificial intelligence, for the foreseeable future.) Two were heavily focused on mobile. (Mobile was AI before AI was AI.) And four of the companies dealt with transactions or fulfillment. (Can you say Amazon?) And while we'd like to say they were all winners, they weren't. Two companies walked away with $25,000. They were clearly winners in any language.
  14. Shoptalk itself made some news, of sorts. It's a start, anyway.
  15. And, of course, after the fun (and work) comes Monday, a day designed to visit the sins of the weekend upon the wicked. Never fear. We've got you covered. In the spirt of "there are no wrong answers," we've cooked up a few suggestions on sessions to attend on Monday. 1. "Mobile Commerce & Engagement," a morning panel featuring Forrester's Julie A. Ask and representatives from Perry Ellis and Talbots takes on the challenge of keeping up with consumers' rapidly progressing mobile habits. 2. "New Brand-Retailer Relationships" looks at the ways that brands and retailers are working together, including discussion of how content can drive commerce. The session features Walmart content acquisition guy Ram Rampalli. 3. "Mobile-Centric Business Models" carries the mobile talk into the afternoon with a discussion of what it means to really be "mobile first." 4. The "Future of E-commerce" session holds the potential to look at ways to destroy silos. The panel will talk about how e-commerce teams can work across functions in an organization. 6. "Content that Drives Commerce" advances the conversation of the power of content and commerce to work together. Face it: In the digital age, consumers do their own research and are well down the path toward buying something before you have a chance to sell to them in traditional ways. Content is how you sell today. 7. Are you tired of hearing about the same old holiday shopping trends? In "New Research Showcases Retail Holiday Trends that Buck Conventional Wisdom," Kasey Lobaugh, Deloitte's chief retail innovation officer, serves up some findings that are more than cold stew.
  16. Getting ready for tomorrow. #successfulbusinesswoman #slay #gettinitdone #demoupberlin #shoptalk17 #shoptalk #iwantitall #lasvegas
    Getting ready for tomorrow. #successfulbusinesswoman #slay #gettinitdone #demoupberlin #shoptalk17 #shoptalk #iwantitall #lasvegas
  17. Yes, there is a book full of speeches and presentations. Retailers and those who work in businesses to support retail flock to Shoptalk looking for answers, partners, acquisitions and funding. They want to solve problems (or address challenges or salve pain points, to adopt industry-speak). There is plenty to learn.
  18. Need a break from all the brain-hurting learning stuff? Chill out with a floating plant. Booth #411. Easy to remember. 4-1-1, as in getting the 411, the skinny, the scoop. OK, we'll stop now.