Timeline: Baby abduction in Trois-Rivières


  1. MAY 26 6:56 P.M. — A woman dressed as a nurse walks into Ville Marie hospital in Trois-Rivières. At 7:08 p.m. she walks out of the hospital, allegedly carrying a one-day-old infant taken from the maternity ward. The baby's mother, Melissa McMahon, soon realized her daughter was missing and police were called to investigate.
  2. MAY 26 8:56 P.M. — Simon Bouclair posts this photo of his wife, Mélissa McMahon, and their newborn daughter Victoria. "Aider nous svp notre fille de meme aps un jour c fais enlever partager le plus vite possible"
  3. Simon Boisclair - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
    Simon Boisclair - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
  4. SQ spokesperson Christine Coulombe told The Gazette the Amber Alert was issued two hours after the baby was abducted because officials have to follow protocols, fill in reports and launch the investigation.
  5. MAY 26 8:50 P.M. — Karine McMahon, the baby's aunt, posts a photo of Victoria on Facebook with a plea for help: "Mes amis j'ai besoin de vous. Il y a une heure environ Victoria a été enlevé au CHRTR. Ma nièce adorée, fille de Mélissa McMahon et Simon Boisclair. PARTAGEZ!!!!!!!!!!! Matrix rouge, une fille châtain roux, genre 5,4, 130lbs, entre 25-35 ans. ON CAPOTE!!!!!!"
  6. Karine Mc Mahon - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
    Karine Mc Mahon - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
  7. MAY 26 10:26 — Nearly an hour and a half after the alert was issued, police tweeted that the baby had been found.
  8. Un policier rapporte le bébé retrouvé à l'hôpital
  9. Charlène Plante, a barista at a local coffee shop, recognized the suspect as a former neighbour when she saw her photo on Facebook after the Amber Alert was massively shared online. She said they drove to the woman’s house and saw the car. They also saw the baby in the house, so they called police.

  10. MAY 27 8 A.M. — The baby's mother Mélissa McMahon writes a status thanking everyone for their help
  11. MAY 27 2 P.M. — Simon Boisclair posts this photo on Facebook: "Voici la belle Victoria dans sa maison et en SÉCURITÉ"