2012 Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk

MDOT asked the public to post their memories of the annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge, including this year's. One person's memory was chosen at random to win a free trip to the top of the bridge while the person who traveled the farthest and shared a memory won a Pure Michigan prize pack.


  1. “Tell Us Your Story" Mackinac Bridge Walk promotion details

    by Michigan Department of Transportation on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 8:49am

    To participate - it's simple! Just post a memory about your experience participating in the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk on the MDOT Facebook page (michigan.gov/MichiganDOT). It could be a photo, video, or simply a quick message. The memory can be from previous bridge walks or this year's bridge walk. We will select one memory at random to win a free tour of the Mackinac Bridge.


    Also, the person who travels the farthest and shares a memory from this year's bridge walk will get a free Pure Michigan prize pack.

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  7. Several years as a child, my family and our family friends would camp at Burt Lake State park and all cram into our Ford van to walk the Bridge. My Dad would drive slowly across the bridge with our sliding side door open and we would high ...five all the walkers as we crossed. Then he would turn around and meet us at the other side. As our little group walked across the bridge we would tap on strangers' shoulders and scurry away so that it looked like another member of our party was the one who tapped the person's shoulder. We thought this was hilarious.See More
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  13. Last year was my first year walking the bridge and at 4 month pregnant, I battled through morning sickness to do something that I always wanted to do. I walked with two awesome women and we laughed and talked the whole time. With the sunrise, the baby, the Might Mac and knuckle bumping as many National Guard members as I could – it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  14. I grew up in St. Ignace and as a child I watched the bridge being built. At the age of 12 I participated in the first walk in 1958, the year after the bridge opened. I was tired but proud -- and my feet hurt! I moved away from St. Ignace in 1962, but you are inspiring me to go up there again some Labor Day soon.
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  16. I have walked the bridge several times with my grandparents. I have the best grandparents a person could ask for. What an experience to say that not only have I walked the bridge, but twice with my grandparents. I am now 38 and the last ti...me I walked was when I was in college. My grandparents are now 80 and 81 years old and can no longer walk it. This year I am taking my oldest daughter (age 11) and the rest of the girls in my girl scout troop to help celebrate the 100th year of Girl Scouts. We are very excited!!! Another memorable trip was when former President George Bush walked the bridge in 1992. We live only 50 miles south of the bridge, but had to wake and leave around 2 AM to get there in time to be in front to see him speak in St. Ignace prior to the walk. We stood right in the front row, were able to see the sun come up and see the President from about 10 feet away! That was awesome!!!See More
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  19. My wife and I were married in Petoskey, Michigan in August 1988. My family came out from the West Coast so we took them out to Mackinaw Island the next day. They then helped me move my bride to the Detroit area. We followed with a trip back... to the UP and Pictured Rocks in particular. Then we did the Labor Day walk across the bridge. We felt so energetic that we contemplated walking it a second time that day. We decided to finish our honeymoon in San Francisco instead. We came away thinking we would be back for the bridge walk every year. But that hasn't happened yet and we have been married 24 years now.See More