Reactions to sale of Michigan Book and Supply building

We've compiled posts from social media with reactions to the sale of the Landmark Building, which was formerly occupied by Michigan Book and Supply. The buyer is likely to lease the building to Walgreens, a national drug store chain.


  1. Too bad. That location would have made a great restaurant.
  2. Walgreen's prices are even worse than CVS's. I remember when Kresge's was at that location!
  3. Maybe CVS won't be so stupidly overpriced now that they'll have competition. And yea, chains suck, but it's marginally better than an empty shell. Seeing the old MB&S and the old Borders just makes you feel sad.
  4. Ugh. Another chain? Sad :(
  5. Barf. CVS, Walgreens and 7-11 all within a block?