Love Triggers - Know What Makes Men Tick


  1. The next possible explanation for why he doesn't call is a little more difficult orb emotionally. Some men just don't put their women near the top of their priority list. He may not be as into you are you are into him and so he doesn't place the same importance on talking with you as you do with him. You can typically tell if this is the reason behind his reluctance to call if he often Attract Hotter Women Review breaks dates with you or ignores you and your needs in other ways. If you believe you're with a guy like this the best advice for you is to ignore him. If he wants you, he'll come looking for you. Just don't invest too much emotional energy into someone who doesn't view you as important.

    The third reason why he isn't calling when he says he will is because he's testing you. If a man starts falling for a woman, he's going to want to gauge where he stands with her. One way for a man to do that is to not call when he says he will. By doing this he's putting the ball in your court and waiting for your reaction. If you overreact and get upset with him over the forgotten call, he'll see you as being his already. That may actually diminish his interest since men love a challenge so much. Instead of getting emotional over the call that never came, ignore the issue. Don't call him and let him continue to chase you. That way he'll find you more and more irresistible.

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