3 Tips to Build Muscle Faster


  1. You may wonder why oxygen? First of all its our source of life and its free. Now, lets break it down into pieces. Each living organism in this world is compose of cells, our body is composed of cells. Our skin, heart, mind, internal organs and everything has a tiny cell in it. A cell's health will determine your health, a weak person is expected to have a weak cell, a strong and healthy persons basically has strong, alive and active cells. Each of our cells has its function (other functions as a whole), and FREE FLAT ABS FAST DVD one of their function is to eliminate excess amount of fat in our body.Our body produces fats (good and bad ones), it produces fats to bind excess acids, produces fat to protect the walls of our veins, produces fat give us energy and a lot more. Now, having excess fat does not mean that your body produces excess amounts, it means that fat accumulates. Our body's function is not to store but to eliminate excess. If our cells are weak then we expect little amount of elimination or in other words, you build up more than you eliminate.

    How does Oxygen fit to the picture? Well, lets me ask you this, what does our cells feed on or what do they consume? ATP, it provides the energy a cell need to perform a cell's activity. To produce ATP, a process needs to occur which involves Oxygen. Depleted amounts of oxygen means depleted amounts of ATP. Depleted ATP mean less energy for cells to their function. That's how important oxygen is not if you look at it a bit deeper. How you can improve your Oxygen intake? Here are some exercises I do every morning: Deep diaphragmatic breathing - you inhale using your diaphragm and exhale through your nostrils. I do this 10-15 times.Stretching - to make my muscle loose and relaxed.
  2. When your muscle has low tension, you intake more oxygen because your chest and back muscles are not contracted, giving your lungs a full expansion. Walking and jogging in place - a simple exercise that makes our body inhale more. Notice that during exercising you feel more alive, that's because you take in oxygen more than you exhale.Hope this adds more info in your quest. More to come.You deserve to be healthy and fit, you deserve the body you always wanted. You were not born in this world to be a quitter so do not act like one.What is "wellness" per se?
  3. There are many definitions, and 20 years ago, wellness didn't exist. But today, the industry is growing fast, and the term "wellness" is being overused, abused and it is not being used in its appropriate context. Wellness is achieving one's full potential; it is self-directed and an ever-evolving process. Wellness has seven dimensions: occupational, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, environmental and physical. When all of these dimensions are met, then we are considered whole or complete. Wellness is more than just products to make us feel good or be physically fit.