WS-DL Celebration of #IA20

The Web Science & Digital Library Research Group (@WebSciDL) celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Internet Archive with tacos, DJ Spooky CDs, and a series of tweets & blog posts about the cultural impact and importance of web archiving.


  1. Instead of our usual research about the mechanics of web archiving, we created a series of new blog posts about the cultural implications of web archiving, drawing from the personal interests of WS-DL members.
  2. We also resurfaced some previous resources that dealt with using web archives to establish priority.
  3. We created "What Did It Look Like?" pages for the major entities for the #IA20 Celebration.
  4. We appreciate the Internet Archive acknowledging our East Coast celebration. Be sure to check out their video for the events of October 26, 2016.