Round Two for the Lockin' Festival

After a successful inaugural Lockin' Festival in September 2013, the festival will be held for a second year in 2014.


  1. The Lockin' Festival (previously known as the Interlocken Music Festival) will be in Arrington, Virginia for a second year. According to Lockin' News (linked below), the festival will return for 4 days starting on September 4th through the 7th in 2014. The festival is likely to feature a line-up of mostly jam bands, which they plan to announce as the bands are booked, great food, drinks, and more. However, co-founder, Dave Frey, is looking to make some adjustments to make next year's festival even better. Lockin' News claims that this year's Lockin' Festival was arguably the biggest music festival in Central Virginia with the attendance of around 25,000 people on a 5,000-acre farm.
  2. According to Rolling Stone (linked below), co-founder Peter Shapiro was frustrated with festivals such as Bonaroo because there were too many stages, overlap in music making it hard to hear just one band, and it seemed to be very overwhelming. Greene found that Shapiro wanted to create a festival that was just about the music, and Shapiro made sure that when one band ended, the next band started immediately so the "music never stops" at his festival.
  3. Lockin' Festival 2013 featured solid line-ups of jam bands and other genres over the whole weekend. According to Glide Magazine, Keller Williams's band, Keller and the Keels, kicked off the Festival on Thursday. Jam bands such as The String Cheese Incident, Gov't Mule, Trey Anastasio Band, and Widespread Panic (video of part of their second set below) were among the headliners for Lockin' 2013. 
  4. Widespread Panic @ Lockin Festival '13 - Set 2
  5. The String Cheese Incident (pictured below) ended Thursday night with their second set. Glide Magazine said String Cheese was like a different band when they came out for the second set with electronica instruments and even covered Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body to the Ground." 
  6. Further with Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, who were former members of the Grateful Dead, played on Saturday night of the 4-day festival. They played classic Grateful Dead tunes like Casey Jones, Scarlett Begonias, and Fire on the Mountain. Trey Anastasio, the lead singer/guitar played of Phish, surprised the crowd and accompanied the band during Further's second set. The Black Crowes, the Punch Brothers, Zac Brown, and the Zac Brown Incident were among the bands outside of the jam genre.
  7. Some of the bands even collaborated on stage. One of the most interesting pairings was the String Cheese Incident and the Zac Brown Incident on Friday night of the 4-day festival. Davisson (article linked below) stated the Lockin' attendees referred to String Cheese and the Zac Brown Incident as "Zac and Cheese" after their musical pairing. They played a Zac Brown song called "Jump Right In" and encored with "Could You Be Loved." Shapiro expects more unique collaborations at next year's Lockin' Festival as well.
  8. Although Shapiro and Frey have yet to announce the bands for next year's Lockin' Festival, they are already selling tickets. They stated on their Lockin' Festival Twitter page that there will be a "Lockin' 'Lumni" discount. People who went to the Lockin' Festival in 2013 received an email with a discount code that could be used when buying tickets for next year's festival.
  9. Since the first annual Lockin' Festival was a success, it is likely the festival will continue every year. Hopefully Shapiro and Frey will provide more solid line-ups for next year and years to come.