The RSA hosts the finale of London 1853: Celebrating the 160 years since the founding of the Royal Photographic...

RSA Fellows swarmed London along with members of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and closed out a 24-hour long photo shoot at the RSA – where the RPS was founded in 1853.

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  1. RSA Council Minutes Jan 26 1853 p158 on the founding of the Royal Photographic Society
  2. If you participated, please add your pictures to the following Flickr Groups as relevant - any and all photos taken during #L1853 to the RPS Groups Ppol - and those specifically related to the finale at John Adam Street, to the RSA one...

  3. And here are some of the tweets and images that led up to that point - picked from tweets tagged with #L1853 and presented in reverse order... for the full set of amazing images from the weekend, be sure to check out the RPS group above.
  4. Charles Dickens was incidentally a Fellow of the RSA - learn more about the Fellowship: