Digital Scholarship Exchange Program

Once upon a tweet, I created a connection with a digital scholarship team at Columbia University Libraries. This is the story of what happened next. (They took me on as a "Visiting Scholar" for a week in the summer of 2014!) This is also the prequel to a blog post I will write. Soon?


  1. Background

  2. In October 2013, I was communicating with some colleagues on Twitter, expressing some frustration with the fact that many of the interesting short-term appointment opportunities in my professional area (scholarly communication, academic publishing, digital scholarship) were reserved for post-doctoral fellows. 
  3. I'd been following the work of the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) at Columbia University Libraries for some time, and having met several of the folks that work there, thought it would be a great place to spend some time exploring how they are functioning in this space. A link to their site is below --
  4. The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship - Supporting Research at Columbia University
  5. Imagine my surprise when...
  6. Following a face to face chat at a conference in March 2014, I hatched a plan with Rebecca Kennison, Director of CDRS, and Mark Newton, their Production Manager. Generously my supervisor at Florida State University Libraries allowed me the time off, and after booking the plane ticket, it was official. 
  7. Being the self-promoter that I am, and wanting to make sure my colleagues around campus knew that I was exploring this topic in hopes to continue to develop it at FSU, I sent the news to our Office of Faculty Recognition and also University Communications. 
  8. Above - a photo of the news item.
    Below - a link to the story. 
  9. Before I knew it, I had hopped from TLH to ATL to JFK and was taking in the "scenery" from a friend's place in Brooklyn.
  10. Monday: 

    Excited, and functioning on "baby time," I was up early reading professional literature the morning of my first day.
  11. Read pre-prints of this special issue of portal at the link below (select "Current Issue"):