By The Hair Of Their Heads

Gossamer fabric hanging from the ceiling of Dunkin' Donuts Center dropped to the floor revealing eight beautiful young women performing the Human Chandelier. As the aerialists raised their legs to begin their choreography, the rigging frame to which they were attached crashed to the ground.


  1. Video, photos, and interviews with audience members provide insight to trauma at time of circus accident.
  2. In-depth article about the event, the victims, the audience, and the Ringling history of injuries.
  3. NBC News video of Dr. Roman Hayda's update on condition of the victims of Ringling circus tragedy.
  4. NBC News update on the cause of Rhode Island circus accident, with rigging failure animation.
  5. ABC, Providence, RI provides brief outline of past Ringling Brothers' circus accidents.
  6. The beautiful performance just moments before rigging breaks, sending aerialists crashing to the ground.
  7. These are the real faces of the tragic Ringling Bros. circus accident.
  8. Emergency responders on the performance floor to assist the injured.
  9. A crash brace cradles the head of an injured performer to prevent any further injury to a broken body.
  10. A mother comforts her daughter after witnessing the tragedy of circus performers falling to the ground.
  11. The hearts and prayers of strangers are sent forth for the victims of the Ringling Bros. tragedy.
  12. Non English-speaking Tweet on Ringling Bros. accident.