Carbon Cycling: from Plants to Ecosystems

Live tweets from #psepepg - relive the meeting in 140 character tidbits!


  1. 'Carbon Cycling: from Plants to Ecosystems' was a joint meeting of British Ecological Society special interest groups Plants, Soils, Ecosystems and the Plant Environmental Physiology Group, held at the University of Manchester on 16th and 17th October 2014. More details, including the abstract booklet, can be found here.
  2. Keynote 1 - Howard Griffiths: 'Managing your carb intake: isotopes and the partitioning of C and N above and below ground
  3. (image courtesy of Matthew Crabtree)
  4. Aurore Kaisermann: Soil biotic legacy effects on the drought response of microbial communities and carbon cycling
  5. Richard Nair: Using 15N to re-evaluate the forest carbon response to nitrogen deposition