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2nd World Seabird Twitter Conference


  1. The 2nd World Seabird Twitter Conference built on its predecessor's strong start! Hundreds of people from around the globe presented research, started conversations, and made connections with other scientists. All in all, we reached over 2 million people on six continents! You can find all the presentations here.
  2. Climate Change and Renewables

  3. Daniel Johnson - @TystieDan: The ecology of black guillemots in relation to marine protected areas and marine renewable developments
  4. Chris Thaxter - @thaxalot: Tracking lesser black­backed gulls from three colonies reveals seabird-­wind farm interactions over different spatio­temporal scales
  5. Harriet Clark - @Harriet_Clark_: Can novel 3G-­GPS tags reveal the foraging movements of an untracked gannet population with apparently nowhere to go?
  6. Helen Wade - @Helen_Wade_: Linking behaviour and habitat: predicting potential effects of tidal-­stream renewable energy developments on seabirds