Reactions to the Newtown, Conn. shooting

People across the Internet expressed their thoughts and reactions to the news out of a mass shooting at an elementary school in Newton, Conn.

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  1. This is sickening. Cruel. Repulsive. Words can't describe how furious this situation makes me. 18 of the 27 killed at Newtown Elementary were CHILDREN. 18 families will not have their child with them this Christmas. 9 other families will have a lost one for Christmas as well, all thanks to a demon sent from hell. Why can't America realize that gun laws need to be enforced NOW instead of "later". Please keep these 27 peoples' families in your prayers. #newtown #shooting #gun #violence #cruelty #noguns #schoolshooting #rip #prayfornewtown #pray #newtownelementary
  2. #Pray for the ppl and families of #Newtown 18 children taken.
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