Oprah shops in Framingham

Oprah Winfrey made a stop in Framingham Thursday, Aug. 23 to do some shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. Here is what people are saying about her visit on social media.

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  1. Local residents on Facebook thought having a celeb in town was pretty cool
  2. This woman's mom and girls actually spoke to Oprah
  3. Today I shuttled Erin and Megan off with my Mom to do some back to school shopping. They were at Target in Framingham, and Erin noticed Oprah (yes, OPRAH!!). The girls and my Mom smiled and waved and Oprah returned the smile. The girls then headed to the front of the store while my Mom was getting their purchases together. Oprah then approached them, shook their hands, and asked the girls about school. As they all then headed out the store, my Mom proceeded to tell Oprah that she really needs to get an 800# on her "O" magazine for customer service issues. Oprah replied that was a good idea. LOL!!! I appreciate my Mom's concern over Oprah's media empire,but I wish she plugged/lobbied a full makeover for me or something. Classic....
  4. Oprah was shopping @ Bed, Bath and Beyond in Framingham, MA today and I was on the train headed home at the same time. I wonder where she is now...
  5. She's outside Target taking a picture with this guy. Pretty cool
  6. Here's more proof she was in our backyard, retweeted by our Framingham reporter
  7. Even Oprah herself documented her trip through MetroWest
  8. Here's our own story about her visit