What would it take to get people in our region to drive less?

  1. @metrolosangeles more parking for cars, especially at Norwalk station for the Green Line.
  2. @metrolosangeles A system that at the opening had multiple lines and stops. The current one is unrealistic.
  3. @metrolosangeles I would love to just leave my car at home and take the one line but can't do 2+ hours. 1-1/2 is my limit and even that's long.
  4. @metrolosangeles ......it takes 2 hours 15 minutes to get home. Driving home takes an hour even in traffic. I use the light rails- 1 hour and a half
  5. @metrolosangeles And you need more direct routes. The bus line by my house takes me straight into downtown and back but takes a tour of norwalk so....
  6. @metrolosangeles Takes too long. If I can get there sooner in my car even in traffic, I'm driving. And I hate traffic but....
  7. @metrolosangeles 1. Rezone LA to be human scale 2. Congestion pricing 3. Vastly expanded & improved transit network
  8. @metrolosangeles safer bike lanes, more lanes throughout the city, more room on trains with better schedules and improved efficiency
  9. @metrolosangeles Increased safety. Tired of red line assaults and police that only care to check fare compliance!!
  10. @metrolosangeles More reliable service.. more direct service to all of la and Orange County.
  11. It takes efficient, affordable, public transportation that one can access reasonably easily and which takes you where you want to go.  https://twitter.com/metrolosangeles/status/851198068640931840 
  12. @metrolosangeles Connectivity. Safe environment and reliable service. Extend from Long Beach to Newport Beach, Costa Mesa & Irvine.
  13. @metrolosangeles Increase access to San Bernardino county, emphasize rail, help your brother @Metrolink out