@Metrolosangeles Twitter Tuesday, Jan. 29 edition (part two)

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  1. And prices for regular are creeping back toward $4 for a gallon of regular in my neck of the woods. 
  2. Fair enough point. Trains do frequently stop for red lights at that intersection. The city of Los Angeles, which controls traffic signals there, and Metro are working toward smoothing out the ride on the Expo Line. 
  3. I'll pass this suggestion along to the TAP staff. 
  4. Long-standing issue with our riders and TAP customers. Wish I could tell you that the taptogo.net website will be fixed soon, but it's going to take a while longer as this is work that must be performed by a Metro contractor. 
  5. The new names all retain the original station names -- and Metro will do its best to use the geographical names when communicating with customers, especially in media in which space is constrained, such as Twitter. 
  6. There were a variety of reasons that the station was not built: lack of funds, a change in the alignment, low ridership on non-concert days, worries about construction disruption to the Bowl and nearby areas. Here's a good post from the Metro Library's Primary Resources blog:  http://metroprimaryresources.info/future-stations-of-the-past-whatever-happened-to-early-plans-for-a-metro-rail-stop-at-the-hollywood-bowl/1697/ 
  7. Gotta love the young 'uns.