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Reasonable Responses to the Unreasonable: Derek Yu!

This week's "Reasonable Responses to the Unreasonable" award goes to @mossmouth Derek Yu for talking so reasonably to a bunch of people who couldn't understand why he might listen to Feminist Frequency's critique of Spelunky's "damsel in distress."


  1. By the way, Derek just released the enhanced version of Spelunky for both Xbox Live and PC, and it's amazing: Thankfully, most of his Twitter feed is taken up with excitement, teeth-gnashing, and congratulations for Spelunky's strong design and sales. Some of it, however, went a little off-topic:
  2. Part I: Derek watches Feminist Frequency's latest video and notes two mentions of his games.
  3. Part II: A pleasant exchange between a developer and a critic.
  4. Part III: People who don't like Anita's videos start arguing that Derek should be offended by her critique of Spelunky. Let the reasonable responses begin!
  5. Part IIIb: The "how can you say it's wrong to SAVE people" argument is deployed, similar to anti-Feminist Frequency videos like "Feminism vs. FACTS" : 
    Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas) of Knytt fame ( steps in with some more reasonable points.