The Fall of Megaupload

With the American government taking down Megaupload, what comes next? What happens to the legally uploaded files? What about the consumers? Who does this hurt and what happens next?


  1. January 19th: The United States Department of Justice seized the domain of The owner, Kim DotCom, is arrested.
  2. Hot on the heels of the controversial SOPA, the press picks up the story and starts to think about the consequences of this act. What exactly can the government do?
  3. January 27th: Anonymous, incensed about the site's takedown, retaliated. By taking down websites including the United States Department of Justice website.
  4. Anonymous #OpMegaupload - The Internet Strikes Back
  5. January 28th: The Department of Justice decides to delete the files, causing a firestorm of legal users fearing for their data.
  6. EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) decided to help as well in the recovery of the legal user files.
  7. January 30th-31st: The DoJ gives a two week reprieve to users' data, but a future arrangement for the data has not been made thus far.
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