Growing Teeth: A New Dental Frontier


  1. Talking about kids and their teeth, we all are familiar the milky teeth will fell off. Most of the parents mesmerized their kids with the fairies and the gifts after the broken teeth. The adult tooth is always welcomed after the milky teeth have been taken from the kid by the fairy. The trauma of adulthood is some things if lost will never come back. The major example is the tooth. If you had an injury and you have lost your permanent tooth. That’s a big trauma for an adult.
  2. The researchers are always working to improve and invent new ways to provide the best to their patients. As the tooth is lost most of the techniques like tooth replacement through dentures or tooth implants have been the basic treatments these days.
  3. What if you tend to get your natural tooth?? Have you ever given it a thought?

    This sound amazing natural tooth isn’t it? If it sounds amazing, what if the researchers have found a way for you to have your natural tooth again in adulthood? Dental researchers are always working to give reasons to the patients to cherish their oral cavity even it got damaged.
  4. Dental Advancement

  5. The Tuft School of Dental Medicine the dental researchers are working on harvesting the stem cells. The stem cell of the tooth will grow and take a form of a new tooth. They are also working on the jaw bone remedy if deteriorated. The cell will be taken from the health tooth of adult; the growth hormone will stimulate the growth of the tooth. It’s like budding a seed into the soil and the nutrient in the soil will help grow the plant.
  6. Experiments:

  7. The Tuft School Team is continuously working on experiments this new growing teeth technique. The dentists are experimenting on pigs. They have embedded the tooth bud into the jaw of the pig. This process has taken five months. But definitely if this process is foresee for the human. Its challenging yet needs a lot of advancement to experiment in human beings. Though the advancement will take a lot of time may be more than ten years but the exciting part is this idea was once never believed but now the researchers have started making it a new advancement in dentistry.
  8. Dental Implants and their feasibility:

  9. Till the time these experiments are going on and definitely there is a lot of time is required. Meanwhile the best alternate to have the tooth that works as original teeth in the oral cavity is the implementation of dental implants. Dental implants are assist with Titanium pieces that works well in the jaw. It supports the jaw and help to restore the health of neighboring teeth.
  10. Crowns and dental treatments:

  11. Crowns are also the alternate for the dental treatment if the tooth is suffering from any trauma. Broken tooth because of any injury can be fixed by the crowns or the porcelain filling also helps to fix the damaged tooth. These day 3D techniques have been induced in dental treatment that doesn’t pressurize the jaw.
  12. The new dental frontier research also involves tooth repair through dental fillings. The tooth that has been damaged by cavity or any injury can be easily repaired through these repairing processes. Though the stem cell technique needs a lot of time to work on human, if that would be developed and get mature, the human life would be much more exciting than ever. So growing teeth is a new dental frontier that every dentist is looking forward to start practice for that.
  13. New Dentistry Technology Might Replace Tooth Drilling