#HealthyMasculinity Campus Conversations at Florida A&M University

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) campus Men of Strength (MOST) Club recently held their 2nd annual Mini-Conference: Preventing Violence Against Women. Rhett Walker, Campus Training Coordinator for Men Can Stop Rape, attended the conference to tell his #HealthyMasculinity story.


  1. FAMU's Men of Strength (MOST) Club is led by facilitators Dougla-Khan Stancil and Marquis Stewart from the FAMU Counseling Center and Joseph Ward. Under their leadership, and the leadership of Dr. Yolanda Bogan, Director of Counseling Services, FAMU MOST has risen to be Men Can Stop Rape's flagship college programming affiliate. 
  2. FAMU MOST 2013 Mini-Conference: Preventing Violence Against Women making the FAMU newspaper!
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  4. The event flier.
  5. The MOST Club guys created a hash tag to live-tweet the mini-conference.
  6. FAMU MOST table with materials, resources, and sign-up sheets out and ready. 
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  8. Registration table and handing out free No More stickers and magnets. For more information about how you can say "No More" to domestic violence and sexual assault, please visit: nomore.org
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  11. The first panel getting underway. The question for panelists: "How has sexual assault affected your life." Survivors told their stories and Rhett Walker, Men Can Stop Rape's Campus Training Coordinator, told a Healthy Masculinity Story about his struggle with masculinity while supporting a loved one who had experienced rape.
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  13. Poet Saddi Khali spoke about his personal experiences with sexual assault and how it has touched his life through his relationships.
  14. Panelists answered questions from the audience (town hall style) and took questions from twitter.