The Memory Dealer at Mayfest 2013

Pictures, Tweets, press, credits and comments from The Memory Dealer shows at Mayfest 2013.

  1.                         Winner Royal Television Society Award for Digital Innovation 2014
  2.                     Calvium
                        "Evocative piece of interactive drama around the streets of Bristol.
                         ..This digital and physical combination of app and live drama is a winning combination."
  3.                          Nomination for RTS West of England Digital Innovation Award 2014
  4. Rik Lander tells us about Memory Dealer

    Writer, Director: Rik Lander

    Assistant Director (live): Jon Dovey

    Producers: Vanessa Bellaar SpruijtLaura D’Asta

    Composer: Alexander Kolassa

    Screen Cast:

    Eve: Jessica Macdonald - DI Stone: Julie Hoult - DC Douglas: James Morton

    Live Cast:

    Dealer: Lu Capewell

    Dentist: Gemma Thorogood

    Receptionist: Jasmine Atkins-Smart

    Agent: Stephanie Weston

    Watchers: Michael Burrows, Imogen Pettitt, Kristina Maurer, Cristina Sanchez-Gonzales, Vivi Stamatatos, Maria Chatzialexiou, Hannah Law

    Front of House Hosts: Hannah Williams Walton, James Higgs

    Live event technical: Jim Roper, Henry Mitchell

    Car installation supervision: Michael Burrows

    Mother Daughter set design: Ashley Clarke

    Jewellers installation construction: Sandy Creighton

    App programming in Appfurnace: Ben Clayton

    Installation technology: Tarim, Tim Kindberg

    Documentation: Felix Drake

    Runner: Julie Guerrin

    Catering: Café On The Square

    Ushers: Mayfest volunteers

    Funded by Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Nottingham and Arts Council England. Sponsored by DCRC. Supported by the Doyle Collection, Icon Films, No.1 Harbourside, Watershed,

    Pervasive Media Studio, Calvium, Alice Menter jewellery, Mayfest 2013

  6. MASSIVE thanks to all the live crew ...
    MASSIVE thanks to all the live crew ...
  7.  "I've only experienced theatre at the Hippodrome. This was completely different and I really enjoyed it"
  8. Press 
  9. Crack Magazine review Monday 3 June 2013
    "The implications of this latest genre of entertainment are potentially limitless once audiences, technologies and investors begin to recognize what a flexible and powerful format it is."
  10. Digital Cultures Research Centre write up Wednesday 5 June 2013
  11. A Younger Theatre review Tuesday 28 May 2013
    "This new, and innovative show is a masterpiece, and fantastically produced and created."
  12. Bristol Culture review Friday 24 May 2013 
    "The most fun was walking around the city centre like a spy on a secret mission that only you knew about in a well-thought out and memorable show."
  13. Comment from audience member
    "Within minutes of leaving the Watershed I was completely immersed in the experience. It was incredible wandering along the waterside slowly becoming the character and taking in the surroundings as if for the first time. As the plot developed I was continually impressed at the twists and turns that the journey took. 

    For me the experience was made by the authenticity of it all- the receptionist at the dentists catching my eye as the narrative talked about her trustworthiness and the Guardian supplement with Eve Rust on the front."
  14. Nottingham University press release 16 May 2013
    "Unlike traditional theatre, this play unfolds in different locations around the city and the promenade audience find themselves part of the story which is revealed by live actors, video and audio installations and multi-media on their mobiles."
  15. @Thememorydealer brilliant show immersive technologically savvy theater at it's finest.
  16. The Memory Dealer - Mayfest Trailer
  17.  "I liked the freedom in the hotel was like Cluedo"
  18. The memory dealer #mayfest by our friends in the PM starts Fri #memdealer get tickets @ ZING
  19. "There are different levels of immersion, there's when you're listening and you're in the story, and then there's when your interacting, your still taking part in the narrative, but you're not as removed from reality"
  20. "I've walked up this road hundreds of time but you become aware of everything and who might walk past you"
  21. If you wanna see my onscreen acting debut playing an undercover copper then this weekend is your chance! rimemdealer#memdealer
  22. The dentist waiting room
    The dentist waiting room
  23.  "You could get quite suspicious of people. I got stopped by two ladies looking at a map and I thought they could be part of it! It was really weird - are you, aren't you part of it?"
  24. @Thememorydealer such a brilliant experience! Thanks for giving me wonderful memories that I'll hopefully trade in the future ;) #memdealer
  25. Just saw #memdealer @Thememorydealer @mayfestbristol amazing way to spend a sunny afternoon in Bristol. Catch it tomorrow if u can!
  26. “It kind of made it feel like you were in a film. It didn't feel like life, it felt different.”
  27. Overcame interesting @Raspberry_Pi, pressure pad, metal floor problems @Thememorydealer @mayfestbristol (thx @tomabba @_dspk for spare Pi)
  28. Beautiful jewellery by Alice Menter
    Beautiful jewellery by Alice Menter
  29. Gorgeous jewellery pieces by Alice Menter:
  30. how intrigue begins a week before the show starts. Prepping the Samsung for my first phone theatre experience @Thememorydealer
  31. I have my ticket to enter the world @Thememorydealer on Sunday. Using @appfurnace for the phone part of the experience #mayfest
  32. Great feedback coming from dress rehearsal of @Thememorydealer: FRIDAY £10 OFFER promo code is FRIDAYCONCESSION
  33. Just had an awesome time at @Thememorydealer Great experience, very well done and highly recommended :-) Still time to catch it in Bristol!
  34. RT @Thememorydealer @timkindberg There is no excuse for betrayal. [Watch out for all those new 'friends' this weekend, Eve
  35. Really good writing, acting and production in @Thememorydealer - like a being in a Black Mirror tale in my own city for a couple of hours.