Step-by-Step Colonoscopy

What to expect from a colonoscopy. An interactive tour and live doctor Q&A on Twitter. Hosted by Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in March 2012.

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  1. Doctors believe #colorectalcancer starts with the growth of polyps
  2. NFL Hall of Famer Elvin Bethea says everyone is at risk for colorectal cancer
  3. This is what colorectal cancer looks like inside your body
  4. Doctors believe #colorectalcancer starts with the growth of polyps
  5. The particular polyps that cause colon cancer are called adenomas
  6. What is a good age to get screened for colorectal cancer?
  7. Am I at risk for colon cancer?
  8. Am I at Risk for Colon Cancer?
  9. Most polyps are #benign and some have the ability to become cancerous. #colorectal #cancer #mhcolonoscopy
  10. What are the alternatives to colonoscopy?
  11. Alternatives to a Colonoscopy
  12. What is a GI, or gastroenterologist?